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LED Headlamps

How to Choose LED Utility Flashlights

Power outages, vehicle breakdowns, walks after dark, exploring your spooky crawlspace… Every scenario you can imagine a good flashlight coming in handy is another reason to buy yourself a utility flashlight. Or two. How about three?

 But with so many different types of utility flashlights on the market, where do you even start?

 Below we will break down the main types of utility torches and some of the standout features you should look out for.

Types Of Utility Flashlights

 Work lights are utility flashlights with added features that make them ideal for hands-free use. These lights will typically have rotating heads to help you get the perfect angle for your project. Most of them also feature mounting hardware like hooks or magnetic bases that allow them to hang in a stationary position while you work.

 Penlights are just what they sound like, compact utility flashlights shaped like pens (some double as a real pen too). Penlights are popular because they pack enough light output to get the job done and also fit easily in your pocket, in a bag, or thrown in the kitchen drawer until they’re needed.

 Batons are the tried-and-true cylindrical flashlight, and most utility lights in our store fall under this category. Batons come in different lengths ranging from tactical-style EDC flashlights to palm-of-your-hand mini-batons. When in doubt, start with a baton.

Why Do You Need A Utility Flashlight?

Most customers buy a utility flashlight to prepare for household and roadside emergencies, but they do a lot more than that.

 Utility flashlights come in handy for camping, automotive repairs, emergency signaling, and even self-defense. Consider how often you use the flashlight on your phone, and how often you wish that light was brighter. You find a new use for a utility flashlight every day.

How Bright Should A Utility Flashlight Be?

We recommend every utility flashlight produce at least 100 lumens for general use around the home, shop, or office. However, if you plan to carry your utility flashlight outside your home, you may need significantly more than that.

 For extensive outdoor or self-defense use, you’ll want to consider a model with 800 lumens or more.

Features To Consider When Choosing A Utility Flashlight?

The main features of a good utility flashlight are reliability and versatility.

 Pay close attention to the outputs and maximum runtimes of the utility light you choose, as well as the power source. The ideal utility flashlight for home emergencies can run for 10-12 hours on a low setting. Work lights don’t need nearly as much time between charges, but it’s definitely a feature to consider regardless.

Why Choose From the Flashlight World Collection?

All the utility flashlights in our store have been hand-picked by our associates and we have high-quality torches for every application and budget. We really got a model in our collection for everyone! Of course, if you’re still not sure which flashlight to choose, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact our team!