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Olight Remote Pressure Switch Fits M1X Striker

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Product Description:

Convert your handheld flashlight to a gun-mounted tactical beast with a remote pressure switch. Combining convenience and stealth, these pressure switches can mount anywhere on your weapon, enabling you to operate your flashlight without ever leaving contact the trigger guard. The switch also eliminates the clicking sound made by most flashlight switches, reducing noise that might alert your target. Momentary-on gives you a brief burst of light, while full-on allows you to both illuminate and disorient your foes. Choose from two different cable lengths to best fit your weapon.


  • Spiral cord: 15" overall; cord (unstretched, not including the cap and pressure switch) 11.5"
  • Straight cord: 11" overall; cord (not including the cap and pressure switch) 7.5" (This option no longer available)

Included In the Package:

  • RM1X Remote Pressure Switch x 1