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The telltales sign of a counterfeit flashlight

People mostly start out happy after buying cheap products thinking that they have saved money, but what they do not take into account is the additional cost they will eventually incur when the product fails or does not have the capabilities they actually needed. They end up having to repair it or buy new products ultimately increasing the cost.

As flashlights are usually used for emergency situations with other normal uses, you need to ensure you are buying authentic well-made brands to ensure they serve their intended purpose and don’t leave you out in the dark. Here are some tips and telltale signs that can help you identify a counterfeit flashlight easily.

Telltale signs

Cheap rates

If you came across a price too low to be true than it probably is and you are buying a counterfeit product. One of the main characteristics of counterfeit products is that they cost one third to one fourth of the original product price while appearing to be the same product.

The reason that cheap products are usually counterfeit is that cheaper and inferior quality material are utilized to create copies of original. You need to keep that in mind while shopping for flashlights and if it is priced lower than the market value and sold by an individual person, it is probable that the lights are inauthentic.

Looks Cheap

Low priced flashlights normally look cheap as well. They will be using lower quality plastic and bulbs thus making it less or more heavy depending on the material used. A rule of thumb is that if the flashlight looks cheap, then cheap materials were most likely used to make that product and it is a counterfeit.

Random Chinese Name

Most of the counterfeit flashlight companies have a Chinese name and label on it. This notion is not based on assumption. According to one report on counterfeiting and Piracy of products, almost 72% of all counterfeit products are exported from China and supplied to USA, UK and European Union countries. Later these products are supplied to different neighboring countries. After China, counterfeit products are made by Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Counterfeit products are supplied from these countries via sea, air and land routes.

The main Idea here for you is that checking the supplier before buying your flashlight is important. If your flashlight is made in these areas, chances are high that it could be counterfeit.


No Warranty

Another hallmark of counterfeit products is that they do not provide any warranty or guarantee given even for the slightest period of time. This is a surefire way of knowing the manufacturer themselves do not trust in their own product.

Using the information and tips in the article above you should be better able to locate and avoid counterfeit flashlights. It cost less in the moment to buy these fakes, but it will always cost more in the long run.

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