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Top 5 Flashlights for Law Enforcement

The job of a police officer is never easy as it consistently involves getting into risky situations. The worst of these situations often arise in the late hours of the night. To aid the work at night, most police offices carry flashlights to find their way around. These flashlights have to be of the highest quality to avoid breakdowns at a time when they are needed most. Also, the flashlights require a rechargeable battery or if possible use an easily accessible source of power to ensure they are never left in the dark. Some flashlights are specifically made to suit law enforcement in the course of their jobs. We’ve put together a list of some of the best options for officers below:

1. Acebeam L16

This rechargeable flashlight is mainly manufactured for use in law enforcement and military work. It comes with a USB port to ensure easy charging. The flashlight is one of the brightest with a lumen measure of 2000. It is also capable of producing a beam that can travel a maximum length of 603 meters making it a significant flashlight in law enforcement work. The flashlight also has two independent switches. The side switch that is primarily the primary switch acts as access to the five light brightness modes as well as a strobe. The other switch is called the tail switch that enables momentary emergency lighting. It also switches the flashlight to turbo mode. It derives power from an Acebeam IMR18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery that can be charged internally using the USB port or even externally.

2. Olight M2R warrior

This is another superior quality flashlight that has a 1500 lumen output. Like the Acebeam L16, it also has a side and a tail switch. This enables variation in the various operation modes that are common during law enforcement tasks. What is unique about this flashlight is that the rear tail switch allows access to the turbo as well as the strobe mode. Its battery is also durable and also capable of storing enough power to operate for many hours. The battery is a Li-Ion rechargeable kind with a discharge capacity of 3500mAh.

3. Nitecore MH20GT

The Nitecore MH20GT features a cell with a discharge capacity of 3200mAh. The flashlight also has a superior lumen output of 1000 that is considerably high as compared to other typical flashlights. It produces a light beam that is capable of traveling as far as 362meters with an intensity of 33000cd. The beam is white colored. The flashlight is also small in size thus easy to carry during law enforcement operations.

4. Fenix TK20R

This flashlight is similar in size as the Nitecore MH20GT in that they both have the same lumen output of 1000. This flashlight features a beam length of 310 meters. The flashlight derives power from a rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery that usually gives free of charge during purchase. It is rechargeable using a USB charger, and the flashlight also features both the side and the tail switch.

5. Klarus XT11GT

The unique feature of the Klarus XT11GT is the 2000 lumen output capability. Its beam is also of superior quality as it can travel as far as 316 meters. The flashlight has both the side and the rear switch enabling changing from one mode to the other depending to the situation of the user. The flashlight can be used anywhere and discharging is not an issue as it can be charged with any USB charger.

The above-listed flashlights are some of the best brands for use in law enforcement and military work. Depending with the beam length that one requires, the flashlights offer a variety that also comes with different lumen outputs. Take a look through our store to see which one works best for you!

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