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Top 10: Who Makes The Brightest Flashlight Of 2021? 

The contest for the brightest flashlight has brought some incredible torches to the market in the last few years, which is great news for customers as flashlights are not only getting brighter but are also featuring more and more technology at more competitive price points. 

Now, chances are the number of people who actually NEED the world’s brightest flashlight can be counted on one hand (that title currently goes to the Imalent MS18, a 100,000 lumen beacon that gives the sun itself a run for its money), but if you’re anything like us, you want one anyways, and who can blame you?

That’s why we’ve put together our list of the 10 brightest flashlights in-store, and included some of our personal favorites ranging from 100,000 lumens all the way down to 10,000 lumens; which is still more than bright enough to attend Harvard on a full scholarship.

Our Top 10 Picks For Brightest Flashlight:

Imalent MS18

Standout Features


World’s Brightest Flashlight

Output: 100,000 Lumens Max

18 CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs

Size: 10.3” x 5.1”

IP56 Waterproofing

Weight: 67.0 oz

Also known as the “Ambassador of Light”, Imalent’s insane MS18 tops out our list of brightest flashlights because that is exactly what it is, the current record holder for world’s brightest flashlight at 100,000 lumens. 

While you may not actually be able to “tame the sun” with this light cannon, chances are you will at least be able to make it think twice thanks to the 18 CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs that Imalent has crammed into the 5-inch head of this torch. Combined with the high-output Li-ion battery pack that Imalent includes with every MS18, you can reach a 1,350 meters distance with a full charge and achieve nearly 15 hours of runtime at the lowest 700 lumens output.

The MS18 is packed with state-of-the-art technology, utilizing an internal heat pipe radiator with dual cooling fans, a bright OLED screen that displays outputs and settings for the user and finally a high-grade side pressure switch to ensure there’s no accidental on-and-off with this powerhouse.

The high-tech package is rounded out with eight output levels plus a quick start strobe feature, IPX-5 waterproofing and a built-in thermal control module to protect the user’s hands from excess heat.

Shop the Imalent MS18

Acebeam X70

Standout Features


12 CREE XHP70.2 LEDs

Output: 60,000 Lumens Max

IP-68 Rated Protection

Size: 11.0” x 4.6”

External Handle-Integrated Cooling Fan

Weight: 64.2 oz

While nothing on the market can quite compare to the MS18, the Acebeam X70 takes a close second for the brightest flashlight at 60,000 lumens max output with a maximum throw distance of 1,115 meters. 

The Acebeam X70 does not quite have the same level of technology as the Imalent above, but it does pack some unique features like a removable handle with an integrated centrifugal cooling fan.  

The X70 also houses an intelligent temperature control module in its aircraft-grade aluminum body, to help protect the user from heat output as well as the light itself from overheating when used on higher output modes. 

Speaking of modes the X70 includes both an “ECO” mode optimized for extended runtime that features six settings with a 35,000 lumens max output and a “power” mode that focuses on maximum output and features higher light outputs for both the “high” and “turbo” modes. 

Shop the Acebeam X70

Acebeam X80GT

Standout Features Specifications

18 CREE XHP50.2 LEDs

Output: 32,500 Lumens Max

Removable Carry Handle

Size: 4.6” x 2.6”

30 Meter Waterproof Depth

Weight: 11.6 oz.

The Acebeam X80GT is the first light in our roundup with the classic “soda can” shape, which provides a solid 1.9” girth at the handle for grip while keeping the overall length down to a more manageable size. 

The XT80GT’s 18 CREE XHP50.2 LEDs manage to throw its fantastic 32,500 lumens output at a respectable 369 meters on a full charge, which is significantly less than our top two picks, but keep in mind that this is still nearly a quarter of a mile, which is more than enough for the majority of users. 369 meters is still very impressive. 

The body of the XT80GT is feature-rich, with rugged aircraft-grade aluminum and a tactical touch of aggressive knurling on the handle combined to a rugged stainless steel strike bezel. 

Another high point worth mentioning here is the overall utility of this Acebeam flashlight. It features a multifunction D ring fastener that doubles as a mounting hardware for the removable handle, as well as a mounting point for a traditional tripod, giving an even wider range of uses to this sturdy torch. 

Shop the Acebeam X80GT

Imalent DX80
Imalent DX80 image

Standout Features Specifications
8 CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs Output: 32,000 Lumens Max
OLED Display Size: 8.4” x 3.6”
IXP-8 Waterproofing Weight: 49.5 oz.

You can think of the DX80 as Imalent’s little brother to the MS18. 

It shares a lot of the same great construction and technology as the world’s brightest flashlight, but in a more daily use-oriented package. 

Highlights of the Imalent DX80 include the same high-quality OLED display that gives the user output, voltage, charging status and mode data, as well as the same high-grade pressure switch which is one of the most user-friendly interfaces about this light. 

The DX80 is a serious contender as an ultra-bright spotlight when you need it and a long-lasting flashlight when you don’t, thanks to its six output levels ranging from the full 32,000 lumens turbo down to a fantastic general-use 120 lumens which will run for 60 hours on a full charge. 

The DX80 can be used during heavy rainstorms thank to its IPX-8 waterproof rating and it’s impact resistant to up to 1.5m. The glass lens is ultra-clear and tempered, as well as scratch resistant and impact resistant, which makes it perfect for industrial use but also for any adventure. The battery pack and wall charger are included with your purchase.    

Shop the Imalent DX80

Imalent MS03

Standout Features Specifications
3 CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs Output: 13,000 Lumens
Spotlight power, EDC size Size: 4.3” x 1.4”
USB Type C Recharging Weight: 4.13 oz

Where many lights in our roundup are characterized as much by their bright output as they are by their large size, the Imalent MS03 is a best-of-both-worlds choice, managing to cram 13,000 lumens into an EDC-friendly size that fits in the palm of your hand. 

Like all Imalent flashlights, the MS03 benefits from robust aluminum construction and a thoughtfully constructed reflector, which manages to squeeze a 324 meter throw out of three CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs thanks to its combination of toughened ultra-clean mineral glass and an anti-reflective lens coating. 

What we particularly like about the MS03 aside from its size and versatility is the included 4000mAh battery with integrated Type-C USB port, which most manufacturers will only throw in as an option at an additional fee. 

All of this, plus six output modes, a strobe, IPX-8 waterproof rating and 1.5 meters impact resistance is currently available for less than $200, making the MS03 an incredible value for its cost. 

Shop the Imalent MS03

Olight X7R Marauder

Standout Features Specifications
3 CREE XHP70 CW LED Output: 12,000 Lumens
Active Thermal Management Size: 5.1” x 2.7”
USB Type C Recharging Weight: 23.46 oz

Olight products have a fiercely loyal following for their innovative technology, style, and performance and it’s easy to see why with a torch like the X7R Marauder.

It’s quite tough to beat Olight for fit and finish, and details like the trademark blue accents, milled finger grooves, recessed lanyard holder and high-quality machined heat sinking made for a handsome package. 

In terms of technology, the X7R includes a unique twist-open Type-C USB port, innovative integrated proximity sensors that automatically dim output when the torch is close to objects it could potentially damage (like your face), a multi-function indicator under the side switch that works as a status indicator, a battery life indicator and a location beacon to keep you from losing the flashlight in the dark. 

Although it produces fewer lumens than some of the lights on our list, it’s worth mentioning that Olight managed to squeeze an impressive 380 meter throw out of the X7R Marauder, which outperforms a few of the brighter lights in this list. 

Shop the Olight X7R Marauder

Acebeam X65 Mini

Standout Features Specifications
5 CREE XHP35 HI LEDs Output: 12,000 Lumens Max
Integrated Tripod Socket Size: 7.4” x 4.3”

Longest beam distance on our list = Great searchlight

Weight: 20.73 oz.

The Acebeam X65-Mini is a compact version of their popular X65 light with some much-needed technology updates that landed it on our list. 

While most of the torches in the running for brightest flashlight use premium CREE XHP70 LEDs, this Acebeam can pull a full 12,000 lumens with five hard-working XHP35 LEDs, optimized deep reflector and a 4 x 18650 Li-Ion battery pack. 

What’s even more IMPRESSIVE (!) here is that the compact X65-Mini achieves a 1,403m throw at peak output, making it the furthest reaching beam on the list. That’s surely something to consider depending on how you intend to use your light. 

The X65-Mini is the ideal search/spotlight with an integrated tripod mount for steady continuous aiming, but it also makes a great torch for handheld use thanks to a built-in intelligent temperature controller that protects both the light from overheating and keeps it user-friendly for the user. 

Shop the Acebeam X65 Mini

Fenix LR40R

Standout Features Specifications
18 CREE XPG3S4 LEDs Output: 12,000 Lumens Max
USB Type-C Recharging Size: 6.1” x 3.2”
Integrated Power Bank Weight: 17.6 oz.

While tied with the Acebeam X65-Mini above in terms of output, the Fenix LR40R takes a unique approach to reach the 12,000 lumens mark. 

The LR40R is really two flashlights in one. Its outer ring of 18 CREE XPG3S4 LEDs functions has a high-powered floodlight, capable of reaching 11,000 lumens. Inside sits a single CREE XPLHI V3 LED, which is optimized for spotlight/long throw functionalities. 

Thanks to the simple dual-button user interface, you get to choose whether you want a floodlight, spotlight, or both combined for the full 12,000 lumens output. 

Adding even further to the versatility of the LR40R is the USB power bank functionality, which allows you to recharge your phone, camera, or other electronic devices using the stored power in the Fenix’s internal battery pack via a standard USB port inside the charging plug. 

Speaking of charging, the LR40R also gets high marks for its USB Type-C recharging, which is surely a bonus for a light this powerful, as most other torches on our list are still dependent on a standard DC wall charger to deliver the current their batteries require… but not this one!

Shop the Fenix LR40R

Fenix LR35R

Standout Features


6 Luminus SST40 LEDs

Output: 10,000 Lumen Max

USB Type C Recharging

Size: 5.5” x 2.0”

IP68 Rated Protection

Weight: 8.4 oz.

The Fenix LR35R is another contender as a viable EDC option, as it is both super bright at 10,000 lumens max output and very compact at under six inches long with a slimline frame.

Six high-quality Luminus SST40 LEDs are powered by dual 21700 Li-ion batteries, which have the bonus feature of being Type-C USB rechargeable via a water and dust-proof socket integrated into the head of the flashlight. 

Fans of Fenix’s tactical flashlights will recognize the single switch control button, which also doubles as an easy-to-read battery life indicator for simple and intuitive operation.

The LR35R isn’t the longest distance torch here, but it’s no slouch either with a full 500 meters throw. That’s almost 200 meters further than our other pocket-sized pick for brightest flashlight, the Imalent MS03.

Shop the Fenix LR35R 

Nitecore TM10K (Tiny Monster)

Standout Features



Output: 10,000 Lumens Max

USB Type C Recharging

Size: 4.3” x 1.6”

OLED Display

Weight: 8.7 oz.

No proper list of flashlights would be complete without at least one torch from Nitecore, an unmissable brand when it comes to EDC flashlights, and the TM10K wraps up our roundup nicely as a compact, high-output and high-tech option. 

Nitecore crammed an impressive amount of tech into this small frame, shoehorning six CREE XHP35 LEDs into the rectangular bezel which are able to reach their 10,000 lumens max output thanks to a top-of-the-line and built-in Samsung 21700 battery. 

The TM10K also features a fantastic OLED display that provides status updates, voltage readings, light output readings, battery life and even temperature readings. 

We also love the tactical light inspired tail switch and sturdy pocket clip, as well as the high-quality carrying case included with every TM10K. 

Ultimately, we would have liked a strobe mode added to the TM10K to increase its utility in self-defense situations and a longer-lasting turbo mode, but everything else is spot-on. This unit is designed with 2 lockout modes, it has a cooling design and it’s just really compact and super handy; it’s certainly a great addition to any collection. 

Find all these best flashlights in our collections and see which one works best for you!

Shop the Nitecore TM10K
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