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IMALENT SR32 Longest Throw Flashlight - Special order only

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Product Features:

The IMALENT SR32 longest throw flashlight. Light up the darkness with 120,000 lumens, and a max beam distance of 2080 meters. It's a super bright flashlight with a luminous intensity of 1,090,000cd. If the longest throw flashlight is what you are looking for, the IMALENT SR32 is the best option. 

When you turn on the IMALENT SR32, a massive beam will illuminate everything in the dark. The large and long distance beam can illuminate a large area. The amount of luminosity of 120,000 lumens is impressive, for example, a soccer field is around 105 meters long, and the IMALENT SR32 can brighten up almost 20 soccer fields!

IMALENT SR32 is reputed as the longest throw flashlight in the world, it illuminates the dark with 32 high power CREE XHP50.3 Hi LEDs, a max beam distance of 2080 meters, and a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. The beam of the IMALENT SR32 has a good balance between beam angle and beam distance, casting a large and long beam.

Once you've witnessed the true power of 120,000 lumens and illuminating 2080 meters, you'll understand why it's the longest throw flashlight for illuminating the darkness. Having an IMALENT SR32 surely helps you with the fear of darkness, when you have the IMALENT SR32, nothing can hide in the dark anywhere near you.

Not only the IMALENT SR32 is the longest throw flashlight in the world, but it also has 120,000 lumens of ultra-high brightness. It brings the day back at night and lights up things over a mile away. This makes the IMALENT SR32 great for all kinds of outdoor activities such as everyday use, first responder operations, and hunting. The IMALENT SR32 flashlight is waterproof to IP56 and has an impact resistance of 0.5m, it's the perfect flashlight that works in all kinds of weather and terrains.

The IMALENT SR32 has a newly designed cooling system. It provides excellent heat dissipation and is optimized for noise reduction, allowing the IMALENT SR32 to have a sustained high lumen output for hours. The included 32,000mAh Type-C fast charge battery pack uses 8pcs 21700 Li-ion battery cells and can be fully charged within 90 minutes, and can power the SR32 to provide sustained lighting for as long as 360 hours. It also supports two way charging, so the SR32 battery pack can be used to charge your phone too. 

The IMALENT SR32 has 7 different brightness modes from 30 lumens all the way to 120,000 lumens, as well as a tactical strobe mode. The multi-functional OLED display shows the current lumen output and other information such as the current battery level and heat warning icon. 

The IMALENT SR32 comes in a high-quality gift box. You can carry the SR32 easily with one hand, the package also includes a shoulder strap and a lanyard as alternative carrying options. In the package, you will find a PD 100W charger that can recharge the flashlight from entirely drained to fully powered within 90 minutes.

The IMALENT SR32 is the longest throw flashlight for various circumstances, if you want the longest throw and most powerful flashlight, check out the IMALENT SR32. 


Product Code SR32
LED Type 32 pieces of American CREE XHP50.3 Hi LEDs
Batteries Required Battery pack(21700-4000mAh*8)
Luminous Flux Up To 120000 Lumens
Run Time Up To 360h
Intensity 1090000cd (Max.)
Distance 2080m (Max.)
Operating Modes

Turbo / High / Mid-High / Mid-Low / Low / Ultra-Low / Moonlight Mode /

Output and Runtime

Turbo output : 120,000~25000 Lumens;Run-time : 45s+45min

High output : 50,000-25000 Lumens;Run-time : 60s+50min

Mid-High output: 25,000 Lumens ; Run-time :55min

Mid-Low output: 9000lumens; Run-time: 2h

Low output : 4500 Lumens;Run-time : 4h25min

Low output : 1500 Lumens;Run-time : 15h

Moonlight output : 30 Lumens;Run-time : 360h


220mm(length)*138mm(head diameter)*56mm(body diameter)


2166g(battery included)

Impact Resistance 0.5m
Waterproof IP-56 standard waterproof 

PD100 W Charger, O-rings, lanyard , Shoulder strap, User manual