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The Best And Most Powerful Outdoor Flashlights.

A flashlight is an important peice of kit, everybody should have one, whether to have as standby for a blackout or when going camping. But which flashlights are classed as the best and most powerful?

Lumens are usually the best way to determine how powerful a flashlight is. The higher the lumens, the more powerful a flashlight is. But some flashlights have high lumens but their light beam doesn’t go very far. So, we will be a looking at a combination of the two to see which is the best and most powerful flashlight on the market.

There are flashlights that reach a ridiculous 30,000 lumens plus, but the average person only needs something in the region of 100 lumens and 1000 lumens maximum. The flashlights mentioned below are much stronger than this, but no where near the industrial 30,000 lumens.

Top 5 Most Powerful Flashlights

1. Acebeam X65


The Acebeam X65 is way above the other flashlights on this list. It reaches 12,000 lumens and up to 1.3km beam distance. Some other Acebeam flashlights will reach way over 30,000 lumens, but these are overkill when it comes to everyday use. These types of specs are for search and rescue use, not walking around your garden at night.


2. The Fenix RC40


Thd Fenix RC40 has 6000 lumens of power and an advertised beam distance of 730 meters. Although it is very powerful, it is also very useable with 5 different settings so you can use it in any situation.

3. The Fenix TK75

Another Fenix makes our number 3 spot. The TK75 is a beast of a flashlight, coming in at 5100 lumens and an advertised 690-meter beam distance. Although lower on both counts to the RC40 above, it is very hard to notice the difference.

4. NiteCore TM16GT


The NiteCore TM16GT has fewer lumens than that of the TK75 at 3100. But, it has an advertised beam distance of 1100 meters which is nearly double that of the TK75. That beam distance just proves that you don’t need over 6000 lumens to get a huge range of beam on your flashlight.


5. NiteCore TM38


The NiteCore TM38 has 1800 lumens but a 1400 advertised beam distance. So although it has one of the lowest lumens on this list, it has a ridiculous beam distance that keeps it up with the ‘big boys’ in the flashlight world.

In conclusion, there are many more powerful flashlights out there with blindingly bright lumens of over 30,000. But the ones listed above are the most practical, useable lights that still give you way more power than the average person would ever nee

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